Edit Contact

Edit Contact

1. For updating any detail, click on the Edit Icon and make the necessary changes. Then click on Save.

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      Editing the campaign is similar to the way of edit other types of campaign except that 'the changes' should be approved by the empaneled CSR 1. Go the Side menu --> CSR --> Dashboard . 2. Pick the campaign which has to be edited and click on it. 3. ...
    • Add Contact

      1. From the side menu, go to Contacts - All Contacts. Click on Add New. 2. Fill in the details of the individual user - Donor, Volunteer or Member. Click on Save.
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      Created campaigns can be edited at anytime. To update campaign, follow below steps : 1. Go to Volunteer Campaigns 2. Click on campaign. Click on Edit 3. By default 'Detail Campaign' will be selected. Follow similar steps of 'Campaign creation' to ...