Campaign Creation- Volunteer

Campaign Creation- Volunteer

1. Go to the side menu and click on Volunteer Campaigns.

2. Click on Add New to create the volunteer campaign.

3. The Campaign creation and publishing will involve the following steps

a. Choose the Member from Choose Template section.

b. Click on Detail Campaign tab.

  1. Click on Add Image to upload the relevant banner image as per the cause.

  1. Write an effective Title.

  1. Go to Details to write a short description of the Campaign.

  1. After that, click on “Click here to select causes from the control bar” and select the causes related to the Campaign. (Note: Do not forget to select the causes while filling up the Basic Details section of Non-Profit Profile Update.)

  1. Go to Location & Date: Change the “Start Date & Time” and “End Date & Time” as per the Campaign requirements. The Date and Time are set in default mode and must be changed.

  1. Click on the “Location” field. Type the location name at the Control Panel displayed on the right side and hit Enter.

c. Verify all the steps, click on Save and then again click on Publish.

d.Click on Define Registration Form

(Note: By default Name, Email, and Mobile number fields are there in the form. If you want to add any extra field you may use this option).

  • Select the field which you want, drag and drop it into the form, then click on the Save button.

  • Click on the Save Registration Form button then Save the Campaign.


e. Click on the Publish button.


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